lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

Into the storm

Into the storm you sent me
right into the middle of it
where the wind is chilling
the water beats harshly
and the waves are making me sick

my muscles are sore and shaking
from this endless rowing
the coast has disappeared into the darkness
and my only friend left is this awful fear

but it was you who sent me here
it was you who said go! and I came
from the restful waters into this furious storm
I came because you led me here
for some good reason- I guess

I know you are not wasting my time
you are not throwing my dreams to the night
or swallowing life from within me
you are not teasing me aren't you?

what is it then!
why am I here!

is it just that
you wanted to meet me
on my poor little boat
and let me hear you
calmly speaking peace to my storm

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